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Resource is one of the longest-established PR agencies on the region - twenty years of PR, advertising and design disciplines on behalf of a host of clients.

If one was to isolate one of the hugest asset centres of the company it would be its contacts and longevity of relationships.

Resource’s client base is varied benefiting from the writing, media buying, social media and design skills that prevail. From hospitality and motors to vintage fashion and apps the company can and will, in the most cost effective, professional and transparent way – deliver results.

Whilst specialising in leisure and tourism there is an emphasis on the restaurant business. Resource is proud to have worked with some of the top names catering in the south - this specialist department however is not to the exceptoin of other sectors promoting the largest national retail brands throughout the country and continuing to service the long-standing accounts, of which there are many, through the line and through radio.

Through the company's natural affinity with the leisure and tourism industry Resource continues to publish the leading regional tourism magazine 'Enjoy the South' - and the significance of Enjoy's contributors and content cannot be underestimated in terms of Resource's exposure to the leading brands along the South Coast from dining, leisure, lifestyle and celebrity. The 2016 magazine has been circulated - click the 'e' below for a digital version. This is further we are preparing to publish the third Feast Magazine which the company produces, edits and publishes for Ocean Automotive's Poole and Yeovil Audi in the South.

Further to this Resource handled the launch of the new Poole Audi Centre, indeed the largest in Europe in July this year with guest appearances from Allan McNish and Beverley Knight MBE.

Resource prides itself on its relations with all local, regional and national media owners. Other assets include its ability to relate one client to another in many ways; Resource's clients also enjoy lateral relations with each other where relevant.

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